Rotating Spotting Scope Swivel Mount

We at Gearbuggy are proud to announce the addition of our newest piece of equipment for competitive shooters.

A Spotting Scope Rotating Swivel Mount

The AnglEyzer

Some spotting scopes have a rotating body, and some do not.  One specific model that fits this description is the Nikon Prostaff 5 spotting scope. While this unit is a fine piece of equipment, it does not have a rotating body like many others do. If you have a choice, I strongly recommend that you purchase one WITH the rotating body.  Nothing against the rigid mounted scopes, I just do not believe that they serve as well as one with a rotating body.

This Adapter allows a sportsman with a Spotting Scope that does not have a rotating body to rotate the entire scope to orient the eyepiece into a more comfortable position for viewing when in any shooting position.   It also allows the mounting of a camera for taking still pictures or videos. It is compatible with any camera, tripod, or spotting scope and stand that uses a 1/4-20 threaded stud or screw.  This nifty little gadget may be assembled in the right hand configuration, as shown, or a left hand configuration by simply reversing the position of the socket head screw and the Indexable Handle.  It comes as shown below, complete with the screw necessary to mount your scope or camera to the unit.  Your scope stand or tripod should already have the 1/4-20 screw to attach the AnglEyzer.  There area  few tripods out there that are different.  I am more than happy to work with you to try to figure out how to mount this to your tripod.

angleyzer assy-small

The panel below shows the AnglEyzer installed on one of my Super Spotter Scope Stands.  It is a right hand configuration Stand and AnglEyzer.  It mounts using the same screw that would normally hold the spotting scope to the Head assembly.

The panel below shows a rear view of the AnglEyzer tilted up past 45 degrees.  The black lever on the right controls the tension on the platform that mounts the Spotting Scope.  Rotate the Lever counterclockwise and the platform becomes loose and will pivot up or down into the desired position.  When the Spotting Scope is at the desired angle, rotate the Lever clockwise to snug the platform.  Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

Here we show a Kowa Spotting Scope rotated down approximately 50 degrees for viewing from the right side.

Also installed is the Kentucky Slider QD Spotting Scope Mount.

Placed ahead of the shoulder and to the back of a right handed shooter, this configuration allows for convenient viewing while in the standing/offhand position, the sitting or kneeling position, and from the prone position.

The AnglEyzer Spotting Scope Rotating Swivel Mount is available in right and left hand versions.  The Right Hand version is shown above. 

They are the same parts, just assembled in a different manner. You can even disassemble the AnglEyzer after you get it, and reassemble it into the opposite hand configuration.

I think that we have a winner in this product.

I believe that it will be a useful item.

Current pricing is $45 for the complete kit.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

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