Spotting Scope Stand

In Memory of Wayne McLeod

Jerry Shaw at Camp Perry

My man, Colonel Jerry Shaw at Camp Perry with his Super Spotter Scope Stand

Super Spotter Spotting Scope Stand

100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America 

prototypes-1-2-small Here we have a pair of prototypes of the Super Spotter Spotting Scope Stand that I have developed specifically for the High Power Rifle Shooter, the CMP competitor, the Smallbore Shooter, F-Class, and similar disciplines.  The addition of the Bench Mount Kit makes it a good choice for Pistol shooters as well.
The stand on the right is an original prototype that I used for over 5 years.  It has been dressed up with a few options that are available to increase the usefulness of the System.  It has an additional Scope Mounting Head and a pair of Stop Collars installed.  It also has a Custom Leveling System and steel weight installed on the bottom. (NOTE: I do not recommend the weight as an option. It is a real pain to use and it is really heavy!!)
This particular system went to a gentleman in Louisiana that works with junior shooters.  He wanted the ability to mount 2 spotting scopes, one for the juniors and one for himself.  He also wanted a Leveling system and the extra weight for the Base.  Totally assembled, and without scopes, this system weighs 28 pounds.  The left  unit is the current Basic System, without any of the extra options.  It weighs 8-1/2 pounds.

The Basic System includes one fully adjustable billet Aluminum Scope Head Assembly with an O-Ring installed on the Scope Mounting Spool to resist gravity rotating the Scope Head when the deeply knurled Adjusting Knob is loosened, a billet Aluminum Base and Leg Assembly, and 2  Stainless Steel tubular masts that stand approximately 65 inches tall, and a Top Ball Knob to finish it off.  The second generation Legs have been machined from solid Aluminum bar stock into an I-beam configuration and have holes drilled for additional weight reduction.  They have also been lengthened to approximately 17 inches long to add stability with the larger scopes now on the market and in use by many shooters.  Longer Spools are available to extend the scope farther from the mast.  F-Class and Prone shooters have found this to be useful.

This is one of the second generation Super Spotter Scope Stand assembled with the Scope Head and one mast section attached to the Base and Leg Assembly.  The Scope Head can be had in Right Hand and Left Hand versions.  The Left Hand version is pictured here.  The difference between Left and Right Hand Assemblies is where the Scope is when in use relative to the vertical Mast.

Of course, you can simply turn the Head Assembly upside down, but then the Handle points down instead of up, if you care.

This photo gives a better look at the Leveling Kit option. An additional Weight that has been installed on this System.  (I do NOT recommend adding the Weight.  It is a real pain to use, and I believe that after a few trips to the range you will leave it at home.  I think that the money would be better spent on powder or primers!)
The Leveling System is an option that can be retrofitted by the customer in a few minutes with a minimum of difficulty, factory retrofitted, or ordered completely installed from the factory.  The 2 Wing Headed Screws replace the Socket Head Screws that stop the Legs at the deployed position.  To level the system, the Legs are swung into a downward position and the screws are threaded down a few turns, intentionally placing the System out of level.  After placing the System onto the ground, orient the System about the vertical axis to get the best possible initial position.  Then, unscrew the Wing Headed Screws, lowering the Legs until the Mast is in the vertical alignment that suits you.  It is easier to unscrew the Screws under load than it is to screw them in.

In this frame we have a Spotting Scope installed on a Right Handed Scope Head Assembly.  The deeply knurled Adjustment Knobs are clearly visible.  Lightly snugging the horizontal Knob presses a Nylon insert against the tubular Stainless Steel vertical Mast and sets the height of the Scope Head Assembly.  A similar snugging of the angled Scope Elevation adjustment knob presses a Nylon insert against the Scope Mounting Spool and prevents vertical rotation of the Scope.  When the knobs are tightened sufficiently, the Scope Head will remain in position, but the shooter is able to adjust the horizontal sweep of the scope as well as the vertical tilt of the scope without loosening the Adjustment Knobs.

This frame shows the Standard billet Aluminum Scope Mounting Spool with the O-Ring and the mounting screw.  I use Vaseline grease on the O-Ring for reliable use in extreme hot and cold weather conditions. A screw is inserted through the Spool with a washer that attaches your Scope to the Mounting Spool.  If you do not wish to use the washer, it is a simple matter to file a few threads off of the screw to get an exact fit.

Here is a view showing me in the prone position with the Super Spotter Scope Stand and a Kowa 821 spotting scope.  When one Leg is arranged parallel with the shooter’s body it gives plenty of room for the sling shooter’s elbow to clear the Leg of the Scope Stand.  Raising your head slightly and turning to the left allows the shooter to look through his scope with his non-aiming eye to view mirage or the target.

A number of sponsored shooters have chosen to fill their spotting scope stand needs with our Super Spotter Scope Stand.  Here we show Brian Litz at the 2015 F-Class Nationals.  This unit uses the Kentucky Slider Quick Disconnect Scope Mount and our 2-1/2″ Extended Spool.

Brian Litzs with Stand

Brian Litz 2015 F-TR LR Natl Champ

Seal Team 17 has ordered and received 5 of them for use in the field and in their training.  We wish these professionals all of the best in their missions and in their personal lives.

To see a few of the positive comments that I have received, please go to the “Testimonials” page of our web site.  And, if I get any negative comments, I will post them as well, just to be fair.

Thanks again.

I am asking $388.50 for the Basic System, plus sales tax where applicable.
Shipping is additional at our actual cost.  Current UPS shipping to a US address runs around $19-$44 depending on the options ordered.

The Basic Standard System includes:
1) 2 piece, 1-1/4 inch diameter stainless steel mast, that finishes out at about 65 inches in overall height.
The center of your scope can be adjusted from 7 inches to 63 inches or more above the ground.  The AnglEyzer rotational adapter, if used, mounts the scope a bit higher.
The masts may be fabricated in other custom lengths for no additional cost, as long as they are still approx 65 to 70 inches total length.  The longest Mast that I can mount to the Base Assembly is 33.5 inches.  (My shipping boxes are 36 inches long.) More than 2 Mast sections will incur an additional fee of $40 each.  Each additional Mast adds approximately 8 ounces to the overall weight due to the solid plugs that are welded in the ends for the threads.

2) A billet aluminum base that will also attach the Leveling system.

3) 3 billet aluminum folding legs with lightening holes and slots.  These legs have my cell phone number engraved in them. (Remember the warranty?)

4) One standard fully adjustable billet aluminum scope mounting head with 2 deeply knurled adjustment knobs and Scope Mounting Spool, and one 1/4-20 mounting screw and washer.  Choose the length of your Spool when ordering.

5) Top Ball Knob

6) A full, unlimited lifetime warranty on all parts, notwithstanding intentional abuse.

Assembled Basic System weight, without telescope……8-1/2 -9 pounds

Current Pricing  $417.00, U.S. plus shipping

                                       Optional items:
1) 2 point Leveling system $55
2) Stop Collar w/ Knurled Knob $35
3) Extra Standard Scope Head assembly, fits 1-1/4 inch diameter Mast,
Complete, as shown below $136.50

Select your Spool length from the options below, Items 5a and 5b.   Please note that the longer the Spool, the less stable your Scope Stand will be as you get farther from the ground.

4) Compact Version of the Scope Head to fit 1″ or smaller Masts, complete.  It looks just like the one above, only smaller, and the Knurled Knobs are shorter and may be drilled through to save weight.

Complete 1″ Head Assembly with Standard short Spool,  $115
Complete 1″ Head Assembly with 2-1/2″ Extended Spool,  shown below,   $135

head assy 1 inch horizontal

Smaller Mast diameters and Head Assemblies may be custom made on demand.  They will not be in stock.
They WILL NOT be as sturdy or as stable as the standard unit.

5a)      2-1/2″ Extended Spool for Standard Head Assembly      Upgrade $20.50

5b)   5-1/2″ Extended Spool,       $42 upgrade

Standard Spool, 2-1/2 Extended Spool, and 5-1/2″ Extended Spool

6)      28″ long, 3/16 diameter brass rod.  Used to drive stuck case from the chamber or bullet from the barrel.  Screws into the Top Ball Knob and stores inside the Mast  $12.50

7)  Kentucky Slider Quick Disconnect Scope Mount     $55, with all hardware

7a)  Additional QD Adapter Feet for additional scopes or optical devices       $22.25


Here is an idea that a customer had.  Use a second Quick Disconnect Scope Mount to attach your scope & Stand to your shooting cart.

Mount the Foot to your cart for stowing your Super Spotter Scope Stand, and mount the Base for mounting your spotting scope while rolling to the line.

8)   The AnglEyzer Spotting Scope Swivel Mount
Designed for the shooter that has a Spotting scope without a rotating body to position the eyepiece at an angle other than vertical or horizontal.         $45

This is the complete AnglEyzer Swivel Adapter Kit.  It may be reassembled using no additional parts into the opposite hand version of what you see here for Left Handed Shooters.

This is the complete AnglEyzer Swivel Adapter Kit

This is what the AnglEyzer Swivel Adapter Kit looks like attached to the Scope Stand with a Kentucky Slider QD Mount and a Kowa Spotting Scope on it.  It is shown rotated down almost as far as the AnglEyzer will go.

9) Bench Mount Adapter Kit      $137.50
This unit uses the second Mast from your Super Spotter Scope Stand to mount your scope to the edge of a shooting bench or other horizontal or vertical surface.

If you do not already have the Super Spotter Scope Stand, a Mast section may be ordered for $45, and a Head Assembly for $136.50 to create a complete Bench Mounted System.  Total cost would normally be $319.

Special offer, complete Bench Kit with one Mast, Head Assembly with Standard Spool, and Top Knob for $298.  Contact me and let me know what length Mast you want. 10″ to 32″ standard lengths at no additional charge.BM-Kit Assembled-small

10) Anything else that you can imagine          Prices On Request

11) Advice on world problems                 No Charge

Any suggestions that could improve the usefulness of the Super Spotter Scope Stand System, or any of the options or accessories is greatly appreciated.  Larger pictures of the Super Spotter Scope Stand or any of the options are available for the asking.

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